Nutrition Facts: Protein and Calcium in Your Daily Diet

Protein and Calcium are two of the essential nutrients needed for a healthy life. But where do they come from and how do you know if you’re eating enough? Or even too much?

Today we’re going to go over high-protein diets, the effects of overeating protein-rich foods, calcium deficiencies, and great sources of calcium for your daily diet. Protein and calcium work together closely, so you need to make sure you’re eating the right amounts of both of them.

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Recipes: Bacon-Themed Appetizers

Who doesn’t love bacon? Sorry, vegetarians, it’s just so good.

It’s hard to try and be healthy when you’re a bacon lover, you feel like the mornings are missing a little something. Well, here’s a delicious and nutritious solution to that little problem.

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Recipe: Sweet & Smokey Chicken

When it comes to healthy eating, you just can’t go wrong with chicken.

Not only is it lean – it’s versatile. With a little cooking magic, you can give it tons of different tasty flavors!

Today, let’s make some some sweet & smokey chicken!

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