5 Workouts Made Better Using TRX

TRX, or Total-Body Resistance Exercise, is a fantastic workout that utilizes your core by using gravity and your own bodyweight to create challenging exercises. You can set up a TRX machine almost anywhere: doorframes, monkey bars, etc. Today we will talk about 5 TRX workouts you can try for yourself that take classic workouts and make them even better.

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5 Great Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

It is also, to put it lightly, a very challenging thing.

Many women report gaining much more than just baby weight during their pregnancies, along with a whole slew of cramps and pains.

This why good exercise is doubly important during pregnancy – not only does it keep you healthy, but it’s one of the most reliable ways of dealing with weight gain and muscle pain.

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5 Ways You Can Get a Butt Lift at Home

What if we said you could have the total transformation of a butt lift…without the butt lift?

You’d call us crazy, right? Butt lifts require surgery!

Says who?

You just need the right exercises and you can have a naturally toned booty in no time.

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