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3 Exercises You Can Do with a Cold

Colds suck. Come on, you’ve got a busy schedule. The last thing you need is a cloudy head and low energy slowing you down. I’ll tell you what though: you don’t want to skip your workout.

Why? Because excuses won’t get you in shape, but also, working out is good for your immune system. Experts still debate whether exercise can help a cold already in progress, but it will definitely help prevent future colds.

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Recipe: Breakfast Bird Nests

Breakfast is tough, isn’t it? All the stereotypical “breakfast” foods are loaded with sugar and fat, and they have barely any nutrients. But then breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Whatever you eat in the morning will steer your cravings for the rest of the day!

What you need is a breakfast that’s low carb, low fat, and packed to the brim with tasty nutrition. Good thing today’s recipe is the Breakfast Bird Nest.  Read more