Have You Heard this Woman’s Incredible Story?

You NEED to meet Karri-Lynne Clifton. She has an amazing story and trust us, you’ll want to hear it.

There’s nothing like seeing someone completely transform—body and mind—right? Well, Karri-Lynne went from tired, depressed and unhealthy to energized, happy and full of life.

You’ll see in this video how she’s pretty much a completely different person these days. And this incredible transformation? It’s all thanks to what she accomplished with Fit Body Boot Camp.

Anyone should be able to relate to this story. Life is hectic, schedules get out of hand (especially if you’re a mom), and budgeting is next to impossible when you’ve got an entire family to care for.

Dealing with these struggles is how Karri got so overweight and out of shape in the first place. But with the help of the incredible trainers at Fit Body Boot Camp, and the support of all the other members transforming right along side her, Karri was able to overcome all these obstacles and change her life.

She stopped making excuses and made time for fitness, she rearranged her budget to afford the instruction she needed, and she worked hard for her results. Pretty incredible, huh?


Karri-Lynn KliftonAs of this update, Karri has now lost over 85 pounds! She’s adopted a completely different lifestyle of fitness that’s bursting with energy and happiness.

These days, if she isn’t taking care of her children or driving the local school bus, Karri-Lynne is off doing Mud Runs, 5Ks, and all sorts of other physical challenges and races.

She’s also brought Fit Body Boot Camp’s fitness lessons home, teaching her children the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We’ll keep updating this blog as Karri’s journey continues. But for now, we hope she serves as an inspiration to you!

Way to go Karri-Lynne! #Unstoppable!