5 Workouts for a Strong Core

Did you know that your core includes 35 muscles that make up your back, sides, abdominals and hips?

When people think of core muscles, abs are the first to come to mind. However, your core includes a lot more muscles than your abdominals. In fact, it’s everything besides your leg and arm muscles. While your legs and arms do the work necessary to get you moving, the core does the stabilizing, initiating, and supporting throughout the process. Strong core muscles make simple physical activities easier, protect your spine, make you leaner, and improve your balance. Athletes who want to kick or punch hard need a strong, stable core behind the movement.

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5 Full Body Medicine Ball Workouts

Sometimes you need a full-body workout, and you want to add some weight and resistance, but you don’t want to have to buy dozens of different types of equipment. Well, look no further, because these medicine ball workouts will add a little extra to your workout routine and are a versatile piece of equipment.

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How to Strengthen Your Joints

Joints are these amazing points in your body that allow you to bend and move with ease. However, joints are also the areas where we often seem to have the most pain, especially if we move our bodies the wrong way and we get older.

We’ve got some ways to fight back against joint pain.

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5 Simple Kettlebell Exercises

You may have noticed at boot camp or the gym these cast iron balls with a handle sticking out of the top. You may have looked at this strange device and figured that it is only for the most advanced boot campers to use.

But you’d be wrong; the kettlebell is a great piece of equipment that can be used by anyone of any exercise level to improve power, muscle and balance.

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8 Battle Rope Exercises That Will Make You Break a Sweat

Remember the good old days when you would jump rope at school with your friends and make up silly rhymes? Ever wish you could return to those simple times?

Well, we don’t have a time machine, but we do have some great battle rope workouts that will make you feel strong and give you a great workout. And you can add rhymes to them too, if you want, we don’t judge.

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8 Exercise Ball Workouts to Try at Home

Have you ever seen giant balls scattered around a work out facility or at boot camps and weren’t sure what they their purpose was? Or maybe you’ve recently jumped on the Exercise Ball train and are unsure of how to properly insert it into your workout routine?

We’re going to open you up to the world of Exercise Balls and how great they are to enhance any exercise routine.

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