Why Fit Body Boot Camp Costs More than Most Gyms

When most people shopping for a gym first see the average cost of a Fit Body Boot Camp membership they’re almost always surprised. And the thing is, to a new person who’s only familiar with what you get at a big box gym, Boot Camp prices look a little crazy.

And it’s true, when compared to traditional gym memberships Fit Body Boot Camp prices are significantly higher. But that isn’t because we’re miserly here or because our locations are trying to rip everyone off. In fact, while we may cost a bit more money, we actually offer exceedingly more value than any box gym.

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What the Heck is the Afterburn, Anyway?

You may have heard us mention this mysterious medical phenomenon before. We talk about it during boot camp and we mention it on our website. But what does it really mean? What is this coveted Afterburn Effect and why is it so powerful?

Alright everyone, to really answer your question we’re going to have to get all science-y up in here but don’t worry, it will only be for a minute.

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How Can Fit Body Boot Camp Get You Such Incredible Results?

There are dozens of systems that allow Fit Body Boot Camp to produce remarkable results for our clients. Everything from our workouts to our coaching and nutritional consultations— it’s so much more than any ordinary gym membership.

But there’s one key element we work exceptionally hard to provide and it really makes all the difference between the big box gym and the Fit Body Boot Camp atmosphere.
We call it Accountability and it’s something you really can’t find on your own.

The kind of accountability we offer can’t exist without a group atmosphere and the support that comes from our training systems.

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7 Ways You Can Soothe Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are a beautiful thing. They’re the surest sign that you just had a great workout. They’re a badge of honor. They make a good night’s sleep even more satisfying.

But they still hurt, so let’s look at 7 easy ways to soothe them.

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3 Things You Need to Know if you Want a Flat Belly

Picture yourself with a flat belly. We don’t care what you look like right now, just picture it. Looks good doesn’t it? What do you see yourself wearing? Whatever you want, right? Maybe even that slim cut shirt you left on the rack last week when you were at the mall. Now, in that same mental image, look up at your face.

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