4 Reasons Why Group Workouts Are Better

We get it – starting your fitness journey is intimidating.

There are so many different methods and classes, how in the world are you supposed to decide what’s best for you? You could join a big box gym, but then where is the motivation and push? Perhaps a personal trainer? No, those can cost thousands of dollars and don’t offer you that extra something that you’re looking for. So what is there to do?

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7 Reasons Why Indoor Workouts Rock

You know, not enough people talk about the wonders of the Great Indoors.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the Great Outdoors, we just think the indoor life deserves a little more love.

Especially when it comes to personal fitness – so often you see health junkies talking about all their hikes and camping and whatnot, but what if you aren’t the outdoorsy type? Don’t you also deserve the chance to live healthy?

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You Only Need to Impress One Person…

There’s only one person you need to impress on your fitness journey. Sure, people have all sorts of opinions about health and fitness, and the internet is full of show-offs and armchair trainers, but there really is only one person you need to impress.


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Why Fit Body Boot Camp Costs More than Most Gyms

When most people shopping for a gym first see the average cost of a Fit Body Boot Camp membership they’re almost always surprised. And the thing is, to a new person who’s only familiar with what you get at a big box gym, Boot Camp prices look a little crazy.

And it’s true, when compared to traditional gym memberships Fit Body Boot Camp prices are significantly higher. But that isn’t because we’re miserly here or because our locations are trying to rip everyone off. In fact, while we may cost a bit more money, we actually offer exceedingly more value than any box gym.

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