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Why Stretching is the Most Important Part of Your Workout

Today’s post is a guest post from one of our very own Fit Body Boot Camp owners—Kelly Sullens! Kelly is the owner of Arrowhead Fit Body Boot Camp in Glendale, Arizona, and she’s going to tell you all about the importance of stretching. Has anyone ever reminded you that before and after working out, you […]

11 Cankle-Busting Exercises You Can Try Now

Biggest complaint we hear from women about their bodies: “cankles.” Kind of a gross word, isn’t it? But it certainly does capture the way women feel about their chubby calves. Their “cankles” make them feel weird, awkward, and ugly. We don’t want any of our readers to have to feel that way, so we’ve put […]

7 Reasons Why Indoor Workouts Rock

You know, not enough people talk about the wonders of the Great Indoors. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Great Outdoors, we just think the indoor life deserves a little more love. Especially when it comes to personal fitness – so often you see health junkies talking about all their hikes and camping and […]

These 9 Moves Will Get Rid of Your Wings

Arm fat wings are by far the worst kind of wing. Seriously, no matter how you feel about the old Paul McCartney band, arm wings are definitely worse. They’re just so stubborn! Ever notice people with nice flat tummies that still have wings? Why won’t they just go away?

Meal Prep: Mediterranean Turkey Kebabs

Kebabs are so fun, aren’t they? They’re the perfect finger food! And since they’re usually just meat and vegetables, they’re pretty healthy too. But if you want the HEALTHIEST kebabs, you gotta try out our Mediterranean Turkey Kebabs.

Recipe: Sweet & Smokey Chicken

When it comes to healthy eating, you just can’t go wrong with chicken. Not only is it lean – it’s versatile. With a little cooking magic, you can give it tons of different tasty flavors! Today, let’s make some some sweet & smokey chicken!

5 Great Exercises for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It is also, to put it lightly, a very challenging thing. Many women report gaining much more than just baby weight during their pregnancies, along with a whole slew of cramps and pains. This why good exercise is doubly important during pregnancy – not only does it keep you healthy, […]