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Recipes: Healthy Tacos

Oh man, today’s recipe is a doozy. TACOS. How can you not love tacos? These crescents of savory goodness are among the most popular foods in the world. Unfortunately, tacos are often greasy and lack any serious nutritional benefits. They fall squarely into the late night, guilty pleasure category. But with a little tweaking, tacos […]

The Effects of Stress and How to Overcome Them

Stress is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. Heart palpitations. Sweaty palms. Overbearing thoughts. From something as small as losing $5 to something bigger like a family feud, anything can cause stress. When people care deeply about something (an event, a person, their identity, etc.) they fear anything negatively affecting whatever they value. When […]

Protein-Packed Meals

It’s time to pack on the protein in this week’s recipes! Along with being essential for the body’s daily processes, proteins help build muscle, especially when you work out. They’re also awesome sources of energy throughout your day. Here are a few dishes you can piece together to increase your daily protein intake right away.

Lowering Your Risk of Injury

What most commonly derails people’s progress in getting fit and staying healthy? Injuries. For people who lead active lifestyles, suffering a debilitating injury – such as tearing a knee or breaking a finger – can be demotivating. While no one can avoid all risk to injury, there are certainly steps you can take to limit […]

Recipes: Soups for Wintertime

Picture someone in the middle of a frosty snowstorm. They can’t feel their toes, their teeth are chattering non-stop, and their face is as pale as the underside of your tongue. Trekking through deep snow, they finally stumble upon a warm cabin. On a table, there’s a hot bowl of soup steaming to the nicks […]

How to Beat Fatigue and Have Energy All the Time

What’s the one phrase most commonly uttered by people in the world today? “I’m tired!” It’s really easy to get swept up in the busyness of life. People often overwork themselves and neglect their physical needs, such as rest. What if you had the secrets to unlocking and maintaining your energy levels throughout the entire […]

Recipes: Omelettes

Today’s recipe is all about breakfast’s favorite little pocket of deliciousness: the omelette. The awesome thing about omelettes is that they’re very customizable. You can make them healthier by substituting egg whites for regular eggs or by stuffing the inside with veggies.  Or, pack your omelette with some healthy meats or fishes to get a rich serving […]

Recipes: Savory Broccoli Dishes

I know, I know. Broccoli? Believe it or not, broccoli can actually make a killer entrée, whether it’s the star of the plate or a nice complement. Before you rule out the little trees of the vegetable family, take into account that broccoli is vitamin-rich. It’s also a terrific source of fiber and can even […]

How To Wake Up Early in the Morning

Imagine waking up just like the people in the movies. You leap out of bed, glowing from check to cheek. With only one giant stretch of your arms, you anxiously step outside and embrace the new day. But the reality is that most people fail at this. Instead of embracing the day with warmth and […]