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Fit Body’s Four Pillars of a Great Workout

When it comes to working out, there are plenty of ways gym-goers can go wrong… Really, fitness isn’t about “pumping iron” or pushing yourself until your body gives out on you. Fitness is about exercising the RIGHT way. Let’s break down the difference. You need proper form, balanced nutrition, and the right pace to see […]

Recipes: Greek Omelette Waffles

In the morning, there’s nothing more inviting than the warm smell of freshly cooked breakfast. Especially eggs. One of the most delicious ways to eat eggs in the morning is in an omelette—a scrumptious egg disk stuffed with vegetables and meats. Unfortunately, omelettes are often packed with too many unhealthy ingredients, resulting in a meal […]

Tricks and Tips for Staying Low-Carb

Carbs are treacherous little things. They comprise so many popular foods, but they aren’t always the best health-wise. Like most nutritional components, carbs are essential to a healthy diet. People need them for long-term fuel throughout the day. But in excess, carbs can add weight and lead to numerous health and heart-related issues. Without a […]

Why Proper Form Is the Key to Your Safety and Success

We’re honored to host another guest post from one of our awesome Fit Body Family members—Ryan Perez! Ryan talks about the importance of working out with the right form, including the dangers of bad form and the benefits of good form.   In the world of fitness, exercise form is among the most discussed topics […]

Recipes: Egg & Sausage Casserole

Meet Sally. Sally is a stay-at-home mom with errands to run all the time. Her mornings are packed: she drives the kids to school, does some grocery shopping, then comes home to wipe down the whole house. By the time she catches her breath, it’s already lunchtime, yet she still hasn’t eaten anything. At all. […]

Recipes: Healthy “Fried” Chicken

I can already hear you salivating over there! Fried chicken is a staple of American dining, especially deep in the South. I imagine you’re picturing some greasy chicken next to a stack of sweet waffles. When indulging in fried chicken, there is a hefty price to pay: the extra fat and grease put a dent in any […]

Fit Body’s Fitness and Health FAQ (Part 2)

We’re back with part 2 of our FAQ series! If you missed the first part of our FAQ, you’re going to want to check out this link. Our goal is to help 20% of the population engage in a healthy lifestyle by 2020. We want to equip as many people as possible with the tools to lead […]

Recipes: Tasty Cheese Meals

Don’t you just love cheese? I mean, you can melt it into a delicious filler for a sandwich or burger. You can also throw it onto crackers or with veggies to add some sharpness to a snack. With a wide range of cheeses to choose from, the flavors you can come up with are nearly […]

Foods You Might Not Believe Are Loaded With Sugar

Imagine an hourglass completely filled on one side. Picture that hourglass tilting a full 180°, forcing the sand on one side to slowly pile up on the other. You’ll slowly start to see a mountain of sand form. Now imagine that the sand was all the sugar America’s consumed this past year. Boy, that mound […]