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Workout of the Week: The Burpee Sandwich

Ooooh… a burpee sandwich! What in the world is that?!? Uh, only the best way to order your burpees, of course! In all seriousness, burpees are instant fat burners for a reason. They get your heart pumping, yet they also engage your arm and leg muscles. Now before you jump into the gym and start […]

How to Get the Washboard Abs of Your Dreams

Let’s do a simple exercise. I want you to picture yourself with a six-pack. I want you to see your beautiful, bold self as lean and ripped, like one of those Greek god statues they carved out hundreds of years ago. Maybe you’ve never even pictured yourself with a six-pack. Or, perhaps you feel you […]

Recipes: Honey Grilled Chicken

Who loves honey?? Unless you don’t like sweets (or Winnie the Pooh), you can’t deny that honey is nature’s heavenly syrup. Think about pairing that with some juicy grilled chicken. Mmmmm….. Well, I’ve got some *sweet* news for ya (I promise, that’s the only pun I’ve got!)… Today’s recipe is honey grilled chicken. They’re getting […]

Recipes: Roasted & Stuffed Eggplant

What in the world is an eggplant?!? You know the eggplant as that purple veggie emoji on your keyboard. But did you know that, when roasted, it’s actually a really great source of fiber for your body? ‘Tis true! We want to share our scrumptious eggplant recipe with you today! These things are LOADED with […]

Workout of the Week: Jump Around

Juicy thighs? Strong quads? Ripped calves? Uh, yes, yes, and yes! Today’s workout of the week is all about toning those legs like a BOSS—with jump exercises! Now, you might say, “I’m not a marathon runner or a basketball player. I don’t need strong legs!” Hmm, well what about when you chase your kids in […]

Recipes: Skinny Orange Creamsicles

What do you get when you mix Greek yogurt, oranges, pineapples, agave nectar, and a stick? You get yourself the perfect summer cooldown treat…orange creamsicles! When it’s hot and sweaty outside, there’s nothing more refreshing than something nice, sweet, and cool dessert, though you usually have to turn to some sugary ice cream or a […]

Workout of the Week: Burn for the Whole Body!

Who said upper body day couldn’t include a cardio also?!? That’s exactly what you’re getting in this week’s workout of the week! Time to tone those arms AND thighs! The 45 degree rows, burpees, and L raises will build those arm and shoulder muscles. With some lunges, your legs will also get in a nice […]

Your Guide to a Healthy Vacation…Seriously!

Cruise ships. Road trips. Swimming. Fishing. Lot’s of food (and good company, too). Nothing beats summer vacation! Summer vacation—a chance to unwind and escape the stresses of the world! But for the health-conscious man or woman, vacation can be scary—especially after making lots of progress in the gym. I mean, what do you think will […]

Recipes: Healthy Pork for Your Fork

Time to pork out! Yep, you heard me right. Pork is one of those foods that people on diets hate with passion. Why eat pork when chicken and turkey—well-known “healthy” meats—are available? I want you to know that there IS a healthy way to eat pork. If you cut it lean and serve it with […]

Workout of the Week: Belly Burner

Ahhh…summer! The warmth of the sun, hot dogs grilling on the barbecue, poolside parties, no school—this is the season to be outdoors! Planning to hit the beach in that bikini you bought in March, but still need to burn that last bit of belly fat? It’s time to squeeze in a quick belly burning sesh! […]