13 Funny Tweets That Will Make You Laugh If You’ve Worked Out at FBBC

Do you even FBBC bro?!

JT, you’ve got some competition. FBBC is bringing the sexy 😎

Work hard so you can play hard 😜

If your wife doesn’t push you to start exercising, is she really your wife? 🤔

Unless they’re greasy and served in a bun…🍔

Sorry, I’ve got a date with a plyo box in the morning 💁🏼

Honestly, same. 🍕

*Silently crying inside* 😭


The best revenge is self improvement 😼

When you’re a picky eater but still wanna try new things 😬

Seriously, why does tupperware always go missing?! #mealprepproblems 🙄

You know the bond is real when you sweat it out together in matching outfits 👯

What’s a resting HR without some rock hard abs? 😂

Not to give you any ideas…but our Afterburn workouts keep your body burning calories hours after you finish…😏


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